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J N San Jose, Hernia Surgery

A few months back I needed to have a double hernia surgery. It had been bothering me for some time and I finally got it done by Dr. Zare. We settled on doing it laproscopically. When he got inside it turned out I had a triple hernia, which though a bit of a surpirise was no problem for Dr. Zare to fix. Since that time I’ve healed quickly, with very little pain. The two of the three small scars are essentially invisible and the third one is a tiny line below my navel, about 1/2 inch long.
If you are considering such a procedure I highly recommend Dr. Zare and his staff. They made the process more smooth and effective that I would have thought possible. I walked in that morning and was out within 2-3 hours and it hasn’t been an issue since.

J K San Mateo, Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

We used him for laparoscopic hernia surgery. He was very nice and professional, as was his team. They did a fine job and everything went smoothly. We chose him because he had a lot of experience (over 2000 surgeries) and he was recommended in our insurance network. Considering that it was surgery, it was a good experience.

T P Los Gatos, Hernia Repair.

Dr. Zare performed surgery on me to repair a bilateral hernia.
He was very attentive and informative, making sure I understood the procedure and answered all my questions. I was very pleased with the results, and recovery time. I had practically no pain after the surgery, and after only a day away from work, felt comfortable enough to go about my normal daily activities.
Ben, and his office staff were very friendly and efficient…making sure that all things were handled before and after the surgery. I would also recommend the Silicon Valley Surgery Center on Bascom Ave where the procedure was performed. Their staff and facilities were equally efficient, very friendly and professional.
Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my procedure and would highly recommend Dr. Zare and the SV Surgery Center for anyone needing a hernia repair.

J C San Jose, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair.

Fantastic doctor! I had inguinal hernia, which required surgery. After researching the options and seeing another doctor first, I decided to go with laparoscopy. From what I read, laparoscopy should be performed by a doctor who is experience with laparoscopy. I did not know Dr. Zare before the hernia, but found him from the Blue Shield website and on the internet. Initially I chose him because of his extensive experience with laparoscopy and laparoscopic hernia repair. During the consultation visit with Dr. Zare, I found him very professional, competent, calm, warm, and pleasant. I liked him and decided to go with the surgery. His office assistant was also nice and competent. Then came the surgery day. The Forest surgery center staff and the anesthesiologist were excellent. Dr. Zare was a master. My wife drove me back home after the surgery. By 1 pm I was resting at home; I felt well and was able to walk around (slowly), eat, etc. With the pain killer pill, there was little pain. To my surprise, the next day after the surgery I felt well and did not take any pain killers of any kind. The third day was even better, I went out. I went to work part time on the fourth day (I had the operation on Tuesday and worked Friday half day). By Monday, I was almost back to normal. By Friday of the week after the operation, I took a flight. The bottom line is that, from pain perspective, this operation was the best I ever had (I have had others). I am in my mid fifties and healthy. Aesthetically, The operation left hardly any scars. Today is 15 days after the operation, I had my follow-up visit with Dr. Zare, and I am perfectly back to normal. Results speak for themselves. Dr. Zare performed an outstanding surgery, and I am very delighted. Highly recommend.

T H San Jose, Inguinal Hernia

I was diagnosed with a inguinal hernia from my PCP and he referred me to Dr. Zare. Dr. Zare was very informative and educated me about the best procedure to do to correct my hernia. The scheduling process are very easy and they provide me an estimate for their portion of the surgery above my insurance coverage. The only thing I think I would mention to other individuals is to ask who the other providers (anesthesiologist and surgical centers) are beforehand so you can find out if they are also part of your plan and if there will be additional costs from them above your insurance as well. I was a little surprised by the fees from the other providers.
My surgery went really well. The recovery was pretty easy…there was some amount of pain, but only for a few days. After 10 days, I was able to start exercising again and have had no complications or any issues.
Dr. Zare and Amelia (his front office coordinator) are really friendly and professional and follow-through very well. If you have to consider hernia surgery, you should see Dr. Zare for certain.

F D San Jose, Inguinal Hernia

I had inguinal hernia for over a year and finally I decided to get it treated. After research and talking to doctors I decided for laparoscopy. Overall I had good experience with his performance and work ethics. He explained in advance about details of procedure to my satisfaction. I found him very professional, competent, calm, and pleasant. My only advice is that he should make one courtesy after the surgery to check if patient needed help or advice. I had issues which took longer for me to sort out myself.

S P San Jose, Bilateral Inguinal Hernia

I saw Dr Zare for a bilateral inguinal hernia. He was very courteous, professional and, most importantly for me since this was my first surgery, reassuring. He explained the pros and cons of both laparoscopic and open surgery and I chose the former.
Surgery was scheduled on the day of my choice and performed at the Knowles Surgery Center (which I also highly recommend). I was a bit nervous but the staff at the surgery center and Dr Zare were very cheerful and reassuring and it was over before I knew it! Recovery was quick – just like Dr Zare said.
Based on my experience, I highly recommend Dr Zare as well as the staff at the Knowles Surgery Center. I hope I never see him again in his professional capacity but if needed I would not hesitate to go back to him.

N S Cupertino, Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Dr. Zare and his staff are wonderful. Ben, his assistant, is fabulous. He calls and follows up and I just can’t say enough good things. The doctor is always on time and listens to my concerns and explains things to me in english. He’s highly recommended in my book! I am recovering well from hiatal hernia surgery and I believe that it was a complete success because of the skill of Dr. Zare.

C M T, Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Dr. Zare’ is a very caring, sensitive and, professional doctor. Dr. Zare’ take the time to listen and I mean really listen to his patience, I know he did that with me.
In addition and most importantly he is an incredible surgeon. Originally it was thought that my surgery would have to be an open stomach surgery and could take up to 8 hours but Dr. Zare’ being such an incredible doctor he was able to perform the surgery via laproscopic and it went from 8 hours to a 4 hour surgery.
I would recommend Dr. Zare’ to all my Friends and Family.

J C R, San Francisco: Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

I was referred to Dr. Zare by my primary care physician, who also gave me the name of two other surgeons in the area. He did mention that I did not have to look any further since Dr. Zare’s results he had seen were superb. I did however do an extensive research of the surgeons in the City all the way to Southbay and even contacted one of the patients who had had surgery and had volunteered to talk to new patients.
I was amazed by how much praise people had for their surgeon and the whole experience they had gone through. So, it was an easy decision at that point for me. And I must say, everything I went through myself just proved everyone else right. From the first encounter, I noticed that the office was very well put together. The assistant was polite and very professional. Dr. Zare himself was on top of his game. He gave me so much information about my problem, what caused it, different options, and showed me some photos to understand it all better. I mentioned to him that I play at the collegiate level and I was re-assured when he told me that he has had many players from San Jose State, and other Universities.
The surgery itself went well. I was very nervous but don’t remember much of what happened (which is a good thing!). What was amazing is that within 24 hours I was out doing shopping and even went for a long walk with my dog without much discomfort. Dr. Zare gave me full permission to go back to playing football after 10 days and I can’t say how important that was for me because I would have otherwise missed a whole season. Needless to say the hernia is gone, and I stopped thinking about it 4-5 days after the surgery. Overall, I am just thankful to my primary care doc and my surgeon who made me aware of laparoscopy. It made the whole experience very pleasant.

M S, San Jose: Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Dear Dr. Zare
Just a short note to again express my appreciation for your expert attention and skill with my recent hernia operation. There was NO pain or discomfort experienced during the post-surgery period, and things have returned to normal as you predicted. My thanks also to Ben for his assistance with the various appointments and arrangements which helped it all to go so smoothly.
Best wishes for your continued success

J S, San Jose: Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

I recently received a laparoscopic surgical treatment from Dr. Zare. He is extremely pleasant and compassionate in addition to being a talented surgeon. Highly recommended.

C D, Bariatric Surgery

March 2012 – 3 year update!!!! I am happy to report that 3 years after surgery I have maintained my incredible weight loss. My current weight is 150 with a BMI of 23. Since my surgery I have become MUCH more active!!! I take yoga classes regularly and have become a runner. (Last year I ran 3 half marathons, and am currently training for my 4th). Amazing that I can now run 13+ miles where as before I could barely walk down the street!!!! Dr. Zare’ continues to provide a wealth of knowledge and support during my lifelong journey to be healthy. Thanks Dr. Zare’!!!!
Sept 09 – My surgery was 6 months ago. I am amazed at how fast my life and body has changed. I have lost over 100 pounds and my BMI has gone from Morbidly Obese to get this NORMAL. I am 13 pounds away from my goal and life is fantastic. Dr. Zare’ has been with me every step of the way. From follow up visits to phone calls. When I have needed him he has been there (and Ben is pretty great too). I even get calls just to make sure I am doing good and staying on track. I could not have chosen a better surgeon or office to be my partner through my bariatric surgery. Thanks for saving my life and helping me make the best of my future!rnrnFeb 09 – After having my insurance approved and then denied 4 years ago (and losing and gaining 50 pounds) – I felt like I was ready to start the process of looking into weight loss surgery once again. I met with 3 surgeons in the San Jose area and was most impressed with Dr. Zare’ and his office coordinator, Ben. Dr. Zare’ was very informative in explaining the benefits/risks of gastric bypass vs lap band. His friendly, relaxed and upbeat manner reassured me that he was the surgeon for me. I did not feel any pressure from him or his office (which I did from one of the other surgeons). My approval process was incredibly fast (thanks Ben) and I was scheduled for surgery on March 4, 2009. My surgery did not go as smooth as planned due to a medication reaction on my part. However, Dr. Zare was completely on top of the problem, working with me, my family, the nurses and additional doctors to resolve the problem. His bedside manner was fantastic, always reassuring me in his calm manner that everything was going to work out fantastic (and it did!) plus he was always available (checking in on me in person numerous times a day and by phone with the nursing staff). I was well aware of the risks before surgery, but never thought that I would have any problems, I am so glad that Dr. Zare was my surgeon. His conservative proactive approach and excellent surgical skills truly saved my life. I give him an A+ rating in both surgical competence and bedside manner.

G K, San Jose: Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric bypass

I would like to say THANK YOU Dr. Zare for saving my life. After going through a divorce after 25 years, I decided it was time to care of me. I can’t believe it has been 1 year since I have had my surgery and 150 pounds I went from a size 28 to now a 10-12!!!! I am now able to cross my legs (which I haven’t been able to do for 30 years), and to do things I never thought I could, like touching my toes or kneel down to pick up something, taking up 1 seat instead of 2 and to ride a roller coaster again. These may be little things to some people but to someone who has been big for 30 years, these are big milestones for myself. I am now able to shop in a regular size store and not a big girl store. I have known quite a few people who have had the gastric bypass surgery by different surgeons and have not received the excellent care that I have received from Dr. Zare. His bed side manner is one of the best that I have ever seen or experienced. My daughter and family had many concerns regarding the surgery, Dr. Zare took the time to explained in full details to my daughter and to make sure she didn’t have any questions before the surgery. Every day I count my blessings for having Dr. Zare in my life. I have now gone to my 30th high school reunion which, I was too embarassed to attend before. Being able to experience things that I haven’t done in so many years is a whole new experience. My daughter and myself are now doing things that I should have done with her when she was younger, but was too embarassed to do them.


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