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Am I a Candidate?

Am I a Candidate for Laparoscopic Surgery

Since Dr. Zaré specializes in advanced laparoscopic surgery, he will make every attempt to perform your surgery through the minimally invasive approach if indicated. In general most patients qualify for laparoscopic surgery. In rare instances this approach may not be feasible. For example, individuals with a history of prior radical prostate surgery may not be suitable candidates for minimally invasive hernia surgery. Similarly those with extremely large hernias extending to lower parts of the scrotum may not be suitable candidates. Even in these instances, we will make every attempt to perform your surgery in the least invasive manner.

Sometimes for patients who are overweight, Dr. Zaré may recommend some weight loss before surgery in order to maximize the chances of a successful laparoscopic operation. For interested patients, Dr. Zaré will design a short customized weight loss regimen using our medical weight loss program. This is a highly effective method for rapid weight loss prior to surgery and our patients have had tremendous success with this intervention over the years.

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